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Shine. What else you need in desperate times? When orcs flood from Karak-Eight Peaks, when Malekith the Witch King's cunning plan unfolds in Ulthuan and the Empire is rotting from the inside? It's more than a glimpse of hope, Shine is a beacon of light, a living entity on its own, carving its life out in the endless conflicts, through battles with the hordes of destruction. We shine from inside, because we trust and care for each other, equally in joy and in difficult fights.

Shine is a community oriented Order Guild on the Karak-Norn EU server in Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning, with roleplaying and group tactics emphasis. We will be in the Alliance with the Reiksguard once guild reaches appropriate level, but until that we play along with allied members. We welcome you in Shine if you feel that our ideas serve you well while being part of the forces of Order. The starting title, Curious, has no requirements, and you are an equally loved member. Also, you can read selected story chapters. But to advance to the Initiate, Warrior, and Vanguard titles and be able to fully take part in the roleplaying storyline, or even play as a higher responsibility member, you need to join this portal. Here we discuss everything and you will understand more the dynamics behind the community organization. In addition, you'll have access to invaluable information about tactics, or events, and in general know each other better. And you can only contribute to the roleplaying stories, if you register, besides acting ingame. So come, and join, you will not regret it!

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Shine has been founded

Argyllis, Oct 19, 10 11:16 AM.
The Warhammer Online Age of Reckoning Guild, Shine has been founded in a spontaneous and brilliant way today on the Karak-Norn EU server. We intend to create a well structured, self-organizing community, with free choices. Guild title rewards go along with responsibilities taken, and we are flexible and open to the everchanging population of MMOs. The guild's life is based on the two bastions of roleplay and organized group fights in RvR.

All are welcome to associate with us! Contact us ingame!
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